what it is, what it means and what i would like it to be

Photos by Aad Hoogendoorn

Artist Pris Roos invites you to explore the complexity of being human through a mixed-media installation. The installation features life-size portraits and stories of nine individuals, representing a rich diversity, they span various disciplines, backgrounds, occupations, ages, and genders, encompassing females and non-binary individuals. By sharing their mutual vulnerabilities and openness in conversations, Roos portrays the nuanced impact of migration, colonialism, identity, and family on a person.

In ‘what it is, what it means and what i would like it to be’, Roos creates a space for you to discover your own sense of family and feel at home.

‘We have been reflecting on the intricacies of presenting intimate and personal stories within the format of an exhibition in an art institution. It is a challenge, but it is necessary. We’ve chosen to open up and dedicate this exhibition to you – those of us living an in-between life, grappling with a sense of not quite fitting in.

By sharing lived experiences and candid thoughts, we aim to create a space where you, who are like us, can connect and resonate. We hope that this exhibition speaks to you. It could make you, who have felt your voices marginalised, feel heard and encourage those of you who have felt alone in your experiences to seek and build your own family. Your presence transforms this collection of stories into a community. Beyond being a mere showcase, this exhibition serves as a gesture of solidarity and a shared exploration of the in-between.

We want to thank Bibi Fadlalla, Merel Dap, Fyn Paulina Bonita, Xiang Yu Yeung, Sofia Boschat-Thorez and daughter Nour, jahi quasim reeberg, Eileen Felida, Yin Yin Wong, Kaoutar Gadir, Amy Pickles, Hannah Jacques, Sarah Klevan and everyone from the TENT team for the trust in and support for us’.

Pris Roos and curator Honey Kraiwee