The Shrine

The Shrine is an exhibition space within the Non Native Native Fair which presents a carefully curated collection of unique artworks that resonate with and extend the central theme of the NNNFAIR 2023: PRO$PERITY NOW! The exhibition explores the complex relationship between culture and value, and our spiritual connection with objects.

The exhibition brings together works by eight Netherlands-based artists, whose work questions and challenges the notions of cultural and ancestral values and beliefs, contemporary spirituality, and wealth and its implications on power relations. Each exhibiting artist reflects on the fair’s central theme and offers a critical perspective on the understanding of magic and monetary value.

The Shrine offers a space for visitors to concentrate, meditate, or simply absorb the blessings of the artworks and spiritual objects for an extended time before and after the fair. The works on display are made in limited editions, and some of which are available for purchase.

Exhibiting artists: Baby Reni, Benjamin Li, Juhee Han, Jun Zhang, Marcos Kueh, Noon Passama, Rah Naqvi, Yin Yin Wong

Date: 24 June–10 September 2023, parallel to the exhibition Tanah Merdeka by the Indonesian art collective Taring Padi.

Location: Ground floor, Framer Framed Amsterdam

Images by Sankrit Kulmanochawong