Moongazer Evening

Dear Moongazers all over the earth,
Neverland Cinema is happy to have Honey Kraiwee guest-curate and organise our upcoming extra session with love.

On the occasion of the Moon or the Mid-Autumn festival on Friday 13 September, you are invited to join fellow moongazers at Neverland Cinema. We’re going to celebrate this special evening by laying down on a soft carpet and comfy cushions watching the moon and listening to curated playlists under the theme “what would you listen to on your trip to the moon?”

The event is full of the moon, music, drinks and mooncakes sponsored by Round & Round cafe.

The playlists are curated by: NeverLand Cinema, Shimmer, Soyun Park, Yeon Sung, DJ Salinger (Pilar Mata Dupont), Yves N Lennertz from YĪN YĪN, Moods, DJ Butterman, And the organiser Honey Kraiwee

About the films:
Le Voyage Dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon) is a silent, black and white film by Georges Méliès (France,1902). It is the first sci-fi film with futuristic space voyage, scientific advancement and special effects that are portrayed with simple cinematography. (12 mins)

To the moon and back ❍