Guest Curator/lecturer of Choreographies for Phantom Limbs

Choreographies for Phantom Limbs is an elective by Amy Pickles for students at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)As part of the Hybrid Publishing award, Choreographies for Phantom Limbs is initiated by Amy Pickles as a way to continue her project of many voices - and a way to see if working toward types of education is possible.

With the intention to expose voices that the students may not be aware of, I curated the session on the topics of freedom of movement, immigration, social inclusion and racial inequality. 

The class started with a workshop on body movement inspired by Rory Pilgrim's Techno Angels workshop at Stedelijk Museum. Followed by screenings of Destination Nowhere (2018) and an interview video of two Japanese-Thai girls both produced by a Thai filmmaker, Prapat Jiwa whose films have been screened during the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

An open dialogue reflecting on the freedom of movement. Willem de Kooning Academy. Rotterdam. 2019