Coronets invites audiences to experience an embodiment of invisible power through the constellation of artworks by Nakrob Moonmanas. The artist engages with this idea through a series of installation playing with the two-storey building. The journey begins from the iceberg of ‘chada’ in a heaven-like setting. Only diving down into the space, the whole ‘chada’ can be grasped in the midst of the dark.

Moonmanas selects ‘chada’, a head accessory used in traditional dance ceremony, as a medium and metaphor of excessive worship leading to the seemingly peaceful and calm traits of the Thai. The invented sacredness is ingrained into people’s mindset just like when dancers wear ‘chada’ on top of their head.

With the cultural regard to head as sacred, the head accessory is embedded with high value providing wearers with pride and admiration. Yet, it indicates subtly a hierarchy. Its extravagance is the weight laid on top of wearers’ heads, forcing the wearer’s submission to superior power.

In a way, head accessory is the personification of power floating above our heads. Whether we like it or not, we cannot refuse their existence because the head ornament is beyond our reach.

Artist: Nakrob Moonmanas
Curators: Honey Kraiwee & Hamish
Date: 1 - 20 February 2018
Venue: Thonglor Art Space. Bangkok. Thailand